TierView Works

TierView works by providing an easy way for your suppliers to communicate their unique capabilities and  describe the tooling and processes used to make your custom parts.  After the data is built, TierView provides reports, views and best practices  to create alternate suppliers, evaluate part cost, find cost reduction opportunities, track productivity, leverage raw material buy, find new suppliers and create contingency plans. 

Easy to implement

TierView is a cloud SaaS application that can be deployed anywhere there is an internet connection. The implementation process is surprisingly simple  It only takes about  12 weeks for the average company to implement TierView and start up cost are minimal. Unlike most new software or spreadsheet systems, you do very little of the work and there is practically no IT impact.  Updates are automatically deployed. Imperial and IS units are supported and all data is securely managed and stored on our cloud servers.  The majority of work is performed by and your supplier network.

Viewed favorably by suppliers

Supplier participation is vital to the success of your system.  The TierView brand is not presented to your suppliers so it is assumed to be the Buyer's system.  Our experience has  shown that suppliers are naturally skeptical but see participation as an opportunity to partner with key customers.   In most cases less information is required than with existing spreadsheets and supplier surveys.  Your suppliers will be comfortable knowing that no cost data is ever required. We make the process as painless as possible and training can be performed on line to hold down implementation cost.  TierView reviews and monitors supplier progress and data quality throughout the process. 


TierView can be deployed  on some or all  of your custom parts.  Parts can be added gradually or all at once. TierView is offered in capability levels depending on  your system goals and comfort level.

Economical and Secure

Custom development and extensive use of spreadsheets is expensive. TierView is a fully developed commercially available cloud based solution.   TierView uses  the latest web tools and software to insure your data is secure and available.  Data is housed at a secure data center and no product  design data is  required to implement TierView.

TierView is powerful

Once implementation is complete the buyer can access all supplier managed tooling and process information. provides reports and assistance to help the buyer manage risk and contain cost of custom parts supply. data is continually updated by both the buyer and seller when changes occur.  Calls to action are communicated through the dashboard interface.

Results Oriented provides the data analysis and tools to better manage your outsourced custom parts supply.  Cost avoidance, containment and reduction are key to a buyers success.  Every aspect of has been design with this goal in mind.

See our Product page for a list of reports

Broad Application

 Industry  Type  Comodities  Tooling




Detailed should-cost analysis based on actual process.
Alternate supplier matching
Secure RFQ portal.
Analyze by part, commodity, buyer, supplier.
Access actual supplier tooling & process data.
Cloud based branded SaaS system.
Participation monitoringVirtual audits.
Support and training.

Benefits and ROI

Reduce down time due to supply interruption.
Reduce total cost of parts buy. 
Contain cost of commodity price changes.
Consolidate supplier base.
Low cost implementation is fast and easy
Leverage supplier raw material usage.
Improve conformance to standards.Empower buyers.