Buyer Dashboard

The Buyer Dashboard  provides a quick interface where buyers can access tooling and process data, tract supplier productivity and view the latest updates from  

Parts List Master

The master parts list is the primary page view of all your outsourced parts.  The list is easily searched, sorted and filtered by any field.  Drill down features reveal child parts, raw materials, tooling and process details including data, drawings, pictures and even video files of operations that support your parts.

Buyer Reports (partial list)

  • Tooling List- Comprehensive list of all your outsourced tooling
  • Tooling Detail - Detail tooling information for every tool you manage including tool drawings and pictures files.
  • Parts List - complete list of all outsourced parts
  • Part Cost Detail - Price to should cost detail with annual variance for all of your outsourced parts.
  • Part Should Cost  - Should cost analysis detail for single parts, assemblies and pass throughs.
  • Supplier Capability - Detail list of suppliers in-house capability.
  • Supplier Ranking - Rank suppliers by cost performance.
  • Supplier Capability Match - Percent match for alternate supply sources.

View tool drawings, pictures and condition of tooling managed by your suppliers